Apr 30, 2010


A dream of madness,

A way to sadness,

Lights the way,

Towards oblivion…

The place that rests my head,

The stone above me,

The name written,

A cruel joke…

In my name thou shall kill,

And painted with blood,

All the faces in my church…

Bow before false prophets,

Worship the lies,

Bleed for your god,

Bow before the lord of flies,

Forgiveness is what I call sin…

Spreading disease

Is all that soothes you within

Join the circle in the forest

Around the fire, spin

The dance of madness,

Release your sadness

And the beast that dwells

Inside your soul,

Weak human,

Aborted puppet of the master,

Discarded toy of a childish god,

Your place, forever more,

To drown in sin…

Apr 16, 2010

Pana cand azi va fi fost ieri...

Totul e cenusiu azi

In lumea ce ma cuprinde

Ecourile mortii incearca

Sa ma readuca la viata

Dar aripile sunt frante

Sa ma ridice nu pot

Caci totul apasa

Atat de greu


Prea mult

Si noaptea se lasa

Prea repede

Atarna si mortii

In franghiile destinului

Danseaza veseli in bataia vantului

Ce aduce miros de nuc

Si astfel zilele mele se duc…

Apr 15, 2010

Locul in care nu s-a intamplat nimic

Locul in care nu s-a intamplat nimic

E locul in care vise nu mor

Nici lacrimi nu curg

Caci zilele trec anoste

Fara durere, si fara moarte

Caci timpul a uitat a curge

In nemiscarea crunta

Nimeni nu traieste

Nici bucurii si nici suspine

Nimic nu se intampla

In locul acesta blestemat

Uitat de toti

Uitat de timp

Uitat de lume

Copaci ce nu cresc

Ca nici vantul nu bate

Si totusi aerul miroase a moarte

Si in departare se aud

Ecourile viselor sfaramate…

Apr 12, 2010


Noaptea cea grea se asternea

In inima celui ce nu avea sa moara

Mai trista decat cerul

Si luna insangerata cade

Peste lumea infranta

In jocul crudului destin

Premiul mortii il primesc

Doar resemnatii sortii

Atata timp cat eu ma zbat

Si lacrimile par eterne

Sangele nu va inceta a curge

Nici inima a bate

Sfidez o lume inchisa in secunde

Si noaptea-mi pare mai placuta

Atunci cand nu o sa mai am ce spune,

Odihna intr-un final ma va cuprinde

Apr 11, 2010


As darkness dies

And the terrible dawn comes to power

The mind that could not rest

At last found the fountain of peace

And all the tears went dry

Just for an instant

And all the prayers listened

Drowning in the light

Redemption was for a moment


Closer to what some would call heaven

The warm light of a loving soul

Embraced the darkness

As the night turned into day

A dream caressed his dying flesh

The taste of sin just for a moment


But purity in time

Is slowly passing away

In the graves of our souls

To be buried next to hope

For a while

Just to be risen

And once again fallen

On and on

Insanely subdued

In the cycle of life

There is no escape

Just one way out

Looking through the barrel of a gun

The bullet smiles

And tells you lies

“Release me now,

And I’ll release you

From your hellish life

And all desires will be gone

At peace at last

Your time to rest”

But the hole will burn you greater

And to hell with all you want...

Apr 4, 2010


Dark omens cloud the night

Deafening silence screaming for blood

Anguish is rising inside

Darkness clouds my sight

Troubled thoughts won’t leave my mind

A tear that flows

Yet I claim to not know why

A pain that seizes my heart

I fear

I’m scared

I’m scarred

I fall

I scream

I hurt

I need

I feel

I cry

I break

My thoughts

My blood

My life

My pain

My scars

My lust

All for you

Apr 3, 2010

a tale of a boy...

Freedom is here, said the boy

As laughter erupted on his face,

No pain or terror, just dreams

Years of grief, just a memory

No more prisons made of gold

Barely waiting for the future

Anxious his destiny to unfold

A rush of dreams that shook his heart

He was getting high on hopes

And all those that witnessed

Where amazed

The thirst for life was just too much

Free from sickness he would be

No more simple paths to choose

No restrictions, pills or ooze

Freedom is here, said the boy

Just an instant before he died

There was a rock that fell into his head

Thrown from a god forsaken window

Just to scare away a bird

Had he passed a second sooner

That rock would have simply shattered

At his feet, or in a gutter

Where his blood

Now forms a puddle…

Yet in that second,

Had he truly lived?

Apr 2, 2010

Spreading Disease

The venom is spreading

Outside the walls my mind is building

Creatures of hell are roaming freely

The men are never ending…

Rain of blood

Reign of terror

Wash away the sins of the innocents

Pay in full their debt

And their divinities

Cast away for all eternities

The wounds of today

Dirty reminders

Sickening the dust

Over the shallow graves

Where hope lies buried

Apr 1, 2010

The Devil's Ballroom

The devil’s ballroom

Isn’t it joyful tonight?

The demons all are singing

Dancing with devils

And hookers are laughing

All the souls that knew

Pain and sorrow all along

Laughing for the very first time

Dirty angels are the waiters

With broken wings,

And bleeding hands;

Fear not my love

The blood on the walls is mine…

At midnight sharp,

All music stops,

And all their voices,

Mutter the terrible chant

Praising the moment

That heaven fell, to ashes…

Mortals screaming far away

With wings of darkness,

Comes only horror,

The terrible wolf hour

When the gods hear no prayer…

Feasting with blood

The horns and tails

Fangs and claws are dancing…

Rivers of blood are flowing,

To quench their thirst,

Virgin sacrifices never ending…

And all air is rather lustful,

A gipsy demon will reveal,

All the future, and what brings,

For a sip of blood, beloved

All god’s wonders we’ll enslave,

As we lose ourselves in endless rapture,

Into madness I descend,

All hell’s faces I keep seeing,

And their laughter deafens me,

As I scratch, inside my coffin,

Gasping, for that last breath of air,

All my life seems now, never ending,

Slowly, moving to the surface,

Through the dirt that smells like home,

I rise, from the early grave,

And I gaze upon it’s name,

Like a lighting I awaken,

What’s the meaning of a name?

Dead was I, but that no longer,

Cold my eyes, that burned to shame

And all hell’s fire I remember,

When laughing demons cast me away,

Pay no attention, laughed the raven,

All god’s work done in a day…

of Solitude

There is a pain flooding the world

Tears falling from heavens

The rain is never ending

Ashes are flooding the mind

Of the one that never got to sleep

Dance of madness

Dream of sadness

Flesh is tearing apart

The mind of the one

There is but pain in his bones

Flesh is rotting away

Each moment wasted

It’s worth an eternity

Each one tears down his face

Each thought is screaming for oblivion

Each letter a constant reminder

Of solitude…


As I laid there on the ground,

The sky turned dark

The earth was covered in blood

All god's angels fallen now

Screaming for broken wings

And death was chained for eternity

But the blood that stained me

Was not my own,

Spilled for my atrocity

The throne was mine,

Yet I was empty

A smile was painted on my face

As I crushed his still beating heart

The deed was done

The night I ripped apart

My first divinity...

Before the fall

From barren wastelands

I watch the world,

Bathing in a dying light

It hurts my eyes…

To watch delusion,

Empowering its ugly shape,

Trapped in the souls of men,

Powerless I watch…

Life heading towards death,

Two lovers kissing in the distance,

I close my eyes…

Hope is fading fast,

Blood is forever flowing,

My name carved on a stone,

My face soon to be forgotten…

All my tears would have been

Spilled for nothing…

I look away,

And I still bleed…

I turn to hate

And I still hurt,

There is no place

Where I can rest my head,

No time to rest my soul,

No soul for me to call my own,

The deepest pit,

Is not as deep,

As I gaze into abyss,

I blink no longer,

And still I wait,

For hope, to heal my wounds

Another life, another time…

Winter Sun

Shine down on me

Warm my blood

Sun that never heals

Cold star of winter

Delusions and lies

All that you ever groom

Inside the darkness

Inside a cold soul

A longing for tomorrow

Cold and alone you make feel

For all that might be

My eyes forever bleed

Shine down on me

Warm my frozen tears

Cold sun of winter

Eternal reminder of solitude

Deity of Death

dancing in the shadows
one last glimpse of light
disturbed my cravings
for the final time

the reaper smiled and took my hand
standing in comforting silence
deprived of the final breath
heading for a date with Lady Death

dark beauty beyond all reason
falling deeper for the reaper
she craves the warm embrace of my sins
i carve forgivness on her skin...

The Eye On The Wall

It found you in your nightmare,

Blinded by its hidden beauty,

You drew the lines faster and faster,

Actually, calling for a master

You thought it will protect you

But the demon fooled you…

No more a weak creature of the world,

But slave to the eye on the wall

From now on forever there

Always watching

Always wanting

More demons to grow inside your soul

No escape you’ll ever find

For at night it is alive

Seeking revenge upon mankind

Because of them he had to fall…

You are stuck in his chains

Forever there, forever watching

Your pain and sorrow never ending

Nearly another corpse on the floor

Seeking your freedom

The answer is indeed

Get rid of the creature

That’s the eye on the wall

Trust me now for this alone

And only this can save your soul

Come on just get rid

From the eye on the wall

Seeking your freedom

Redemption is fading

One last chance before ending

Like so many before you

Legions in service of the master

The one that is watching

The face that is using

The eye on the wall

Struggling for freedom

You only fall deeper

The chains hold you tighter

And hope turns to denial

You seek for a reason

And find only treason

For all of a sudden

I’ll let it happen

The doorway will open

When the eye would have smitten

The last shred of humanity

That once was inside you

But will lead you not into oblivion

Like so you desire

Butt to hell leads the pathway

That’s set for your soul

Ask not for redemption

Nor for forgiveness

I gave you the choice

But you just ignored it

Again looking for a reason

The answer might not please you

It was just a game

And you lost your soul

Heaven or hell

Living or dying

Laughing or crying

Leading or begging

Nothing but perspective

Your purpose has been served

Since the moment of creation

Born for my distraction

Monster's Shadow

It’s not about the monster,

It’s all about his shadow

And all the ways his filth will touch

Shreds and dreams and bits of roses

All the ashes he adores

In all madness dark corruption

For all time he absorbs

Like a serpent crawling nearer

And his shadow left behind

Roaming free so far and near

Knowing smiles and all the lore

About faith and god and heaven

That’s the place that he wants more

And the shadow is slowly moving

Corrupting all and every creature

Every angel, tree and apple

That once touched the heaven’s soil

Doubt is growing only stronger

God himself is wearing black

For al pity he inspires,

For all sickness he inflicts,

Isn’t he a growing monster?

Casting shadows upon sins?

None as great as his own shallow

Book, that teaches a faith so hollow

For one’s ego all must crumble?

All the stars won’t shine forever,

All the kingdoms bound to fall…

For what reason are you greater?

No creator, no redeemer

Tainted creature on each wall

The veil of lies is to be broken

The true God’s name

Not to be spoken,

Not until the fake ones broken…


One night far away,

I preyed on your soul,

feeding, in my way,

made you a ghoul...

cry for me as I cry for your fate,

dying to live once again,

craving for flesh and sore

no one can see the light,

but the torch that died,

its smoke I smell

bringing me closer to heaven,

calling my name, but it's hell...

I rise once with the night

but far away I hear a voice

calling me to die...

no man can feel the hand

of perverted destiny

and on and on I die,

each day that crawls,

each night that falls,

and on and on I cry...

Infected with life go on and live,

take your cure for insanity:

Live your dirty life, a joyful ride

Take your time and then you die...

Cradle of madness

Cradle of sorrow,

Cradle of sin,

Horrors that rise

From deep within

I fall…

Deeper in silence,

Cradle of madness,

Cradle of blood,

Delusions that burn

For a darker tomorrow

I fear…

The growing obsession,

A future delusion,

Past hopes that shift,

My soul to rest

I cast…

No shadows in this place,

No darkness greater,

Than the loss of a soul

Meant to be a gift…