Apr 3, 2010

a tale of a boy...

Freedom is here, said the boy

As laughter erupted on his face,

No pain or terror, just dreams

Years of grief, just a memory

No more prisons made of gold

Barely waiting for the future

Anxious his destiny to unfold

A rush of dreams that shook his heart

He was getting high on hopes

And all those that witnessed

Where amazed

The thirst for life was just too much

Free from sickness he would be

No more simple paths to choose

No restrictions, pills or ooze

Freedom is here, said the boy

Just an instant before he died

There was a rock that fell into his head

Thrown from a god forsaken window

Just to scare away a bird

Had he passed a second sooner

That rock would have simply shattered

At his feet, or in a gutter

Where his blood

Now forms a puddle…

Yet in that second,

Had he truly lived?

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