Oct 16, 2010

Thoughts of the fall

Fade out into nothingness,

For into nothingness you are born,

The moment you opened your eyes,

You cried out for darkness…

To be human, the prelude to hell…

There is no redemption

This life is a movie that seems to be real

The journey towards death,

That one may call a quest…

Broken thoughts, keep on emerging

We cry because of the season,

We blind our souls to the real reason,

Keep on repeating there was no treason…

Accept who you are, disgusted, do nothing,

After all, we are nothing…

We fear the darkness,

Yet crave for it’s bless,

Where is the meaning,

When we end up becoming

The monsters that we loathe?

Our names, they mean nothing

Our lives, they are less,

Our hopes and dreams,

Pointless delusions…

In the ending credits of our movies,

The others have bigger parts than our own...

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