Nov 25, 2010


Perfect boy… perfect toy

Is it wrong to be perfect,

As long as your inner core

Is nothing but twisted?

Wish not for an absolute,

One word label,

Such a heavy burden

Pay not the price for ignorance!

I write and pray, that you,

The one that reads,

Can see beyond the shroud,

That covered your eyes…

Just like a cloud.

The devil hopes tonight

That humanity commits no sin

His mistakes, thus, shall be forgiven,

His eternal banishment, forgotten…

But mankind disappoints,

Night after night and day after day,

The truth that is, the truth that was,

Human kind is born just to betray…

I dare ask you again the same question:

Isn’t it wrong after all,

To strive for a perfect shell,

Forgetting to nourish one’s own soul?

Each living thing builds it’s own hell… taste the irony… enjoy!

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