Dec 23, 2010

Legacy of Cain

What’s the meaning of it all?

When in the end, all we do is fall…

The nightmares rule our thoughts,

The ending is just a text in a book.

Forgotten names, forgotten faces

Forgotten thoughts, forgotten places

The lies we say, a fool might worship

The names we slay, the fool might cherish…

I cast away the names you gave me,

I am the Death that always stalks thee…

And when you’ll pray in tongues of venom,

The words you’ll say reflect lost wisdom…

But when you’ll die, I’ll simply smile,

Damnation is the price you, we, and they

We pray, we hope…

We are deluding ourselves we’ll never pay...

Behold your thousand deaths I carve upon thee,

I am the first and last,

The god you’ll not obey,

The monster in the window,

Slowly awaiting your decay,

You mortal coil, of all that’s gone astray...

I am the sword you love and cherish,

I am the shadow that you love and hate…

Beware the final touch, when all you are,

Ends up in a grave…

Dec 16, 2010

Memoirs Of A Rotting Corpse

I am the beast born inside my own nightmare

From which you find no release

I am the victim of my own making

The serpent his own tail thus eating

The worlds of darkness calling

Hear the whispers of the damned

A cold touch that pulls me over

To the place I know and loathe…

My soul thus my body leaving,

To the place of my own deceiving,

Journey inwards to seek my faded light,

Futile quest, for long ago the light has vanished

The proper delusion, perfect by design,

Who’s the master, who’s the slave?

I seek not answers, I seek not reasons,

Redemption is but a dream away.

Here, in between worlds,

Where the darkness meets the light


[There are three paths and two I cannot take

The price I reckon is still too high

Thus I give myself back

To the rotting shell of flesh,

Hungry waiting my soul to devour,

On and on, until the last piece is gone…

The hellhound that holds his own leash,

Banished by all I loved and feared,

My hell is only what I feel,

The road to darkness thus begun…]

Dec 13, 2010

How To: Build Your Own Religion

Just for a while,

Spread your darkened wings,

Just for a smile,

Cover the world in blood.

Just to see how death can taste like,

Cease to breathe

And die,

Just to prove them wrong.

While you’re dead,

Dare ask the gods

What is the truth?

Where is the lie?

There is no answer,

That can make you

Abandon all hells,

And maybe smile…

And if they answer,

Pray come back to life

Confess the lie,

And teach the man the only truth.

Receive the rocks they throw at you

Smile, still wish them well

For each ignorant builds his private hell,

And in the end they will kill you,

Or forget you.

Just for a while…