Mar 17, 2011

Remember Nothing...

The moon is hanging in the balance,

The one, the man, was lost a while ago,

The leaves are falling; it’s time to leave,

Forget it all, the beast is dying, but who’s to blame?

I can’t forgive, forget is not my nature,



Bleed for the last night!

I beg you, die,

I carve your name into oblivion,

I spare not pleasant memories,

And all shall be forgotten…

There was a full moon,

One night,

I begged, but that shall be no more,

I cried, but not a soul remembers…

One story meant to be buried,

One story cast into oblivion,

The same story is never to be told,

Another story, never to be sold…

The matter, a prison, the one I loathe,

My soul screams for freedom,

Myself to cast into forevermore...

Forgive, forget… me not…

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