May 29, 2013

[Chronicles of the Fallen]: Infinity

And the eight demon
Threw his vial in the face of a god
And immortality was taken from them
And given to the two,
To subdue mankind
And rule for all eternities

Fallen angels, fallen gods,
There is no difference after all,
There is a time and place,
For the weak to fall...

The walk on the dark side,
Came to an end, past ahead-future behind,
The time came undone by weakness,
Reshaped into a better, stronger image.

The clouds will gather,
But they're already gone,
Feeble attempts to summon rain,
Will be rewarded as such...

Pay attention, listen well,
Make no mistake, your life is hell,
I spit the words that come to pass
The deed is true, no more, no less...

And the two have split and shared
All creation throughout the eternities,
With kindness and brutality,
Destroying in order to create,
Killing to give birth...

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