Jul 23, 2010

Round and round

Round and round,

Spin the wheel,

Change your fortune,

Round and round,

The barrel’s spinning…

Lost and found,

The bullets, waiting,

To swiftly crawl under your chin,

Your only friends,

A final smile,

That would last forever…

The end seams easy,

And all the screams inside your head

Seem to fade away…

With a final bang,

At peace at last,

And all your pieces,

Spread on the floor,

The worms shall feast,

Upon your carcass,

And they shall live,

Inside the place,

Your spirit died

Before you pulled the trigger,

Born, then tortured,

Wise, but fooled,

Fed with love, but mutilated,

Enslaved, then murdered.

Jul 20, 2010

The length of a second...

Flames are burning,

Thoughts are sinking,

Promises of a better

…tomorrow will die…

Motionless icons

Frozen in some past,

My soul torn

…By the fabric of life.

A constant battle of two,

Two choices,

Two beasts,

Two chains,

Too far gone,

Buried in a moment,

Hell is just a second

…that will never end…

Jul 5, 2010


To tear out your face

To hide all pain away

Dark thoughts emerging

Escape from the beast

Clawing it’s way out

...inside you

Somewhere within there’s light

Preserved by my peace of mind

But the clouds cover all blue skies

And all fears creep up behind you

To dance away your madness

And drown deeper in all darkness

Forget me not

For all I am

Is barely a dream