Nov 5, 2010


The darkest eyes

Not darker than my own,

Gateways to abyss

That stared at me,

Made twisted promises of bliss

Beauty was just a lie,

Dead white skin,

Stretched over darkness,

The touch of it…

Made an angel fall from heaven

The lips that whispered,

Sealed into nothingness

Cold promises of forever,

The nectar that flown from them,

Made the venom seem so much more bitter

A body filled with all that lust,

One kiss could summon demons,

Legions where at my command

But not of hell, the hungry touch

Made the demons rise from deep within

Purity thus hanged,

On a silver plate,

Delivered unto sinners,

The taste of it…

Made my very essence shiver

The eyes that stare,

The skin that yearns,

The lips that speak,

The hands that touch

The body that hungers,

The soul that fears,

They are all just lies,

That madness delivers…

At last my final desecration is complete…

The demons inside are relentless, anticipating the pain they are about to inflict, for a second they stood still and there was peace. Hallowed pictures lie now covered by the dust and all the ashes of hell, putrid words roll out from my mouth and yet their taste seems sweet, and all that was sacred once makes me lust for blessed decadence.

My world is perfectly deformed, and in the midst of it all, there is no right or wrong, no up or down, no light and no darkness.

There is but pleasure…

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