Nov 10, 2010

Quiet Room

Mortal wounds and mortal dreams

All they are trapped between the screams

Shadows roaming,

Senses burning

Nightmares moving

All between these walls of hell,

There’s no denial,

A girl was crying,

A shadow passed right through my core,

Demons smiling,

And all the spells where in my head,

Dark was hell,

But I was darker,

As I bound it in my spell,

All the dying gods where kneeling,

Before I made them become nothing…

Colors are bleeding, the worlds are shaking

Screaming, crawling, begging,

That won’t get you nothing

Smile before damnation,

Laugh like never before

Sincere warning: there’s no salvation

And your life will go astray

All regretting just one moment

Madness is a step away

You know the edge, and you adore it,

Let your soul go,

Your body will soon follow…


  1. wow! pretty deep.. true reflection of a carnality and a darkened soul. we will all be saved..i hope.

    i didn't really understand what you meant by trapped within the screams though.. but all the same..nice one.

  2. thank you...i really enjoy a good review :d