Dec 23, 2010

Legacy of Cain

What’s the meaning of it all?

When in the end, all we do is fall…

The nightmares rule our thoughts,

The ending is just a text in a book.

Forgotten names, forgotten faces

Forgotten thoughts, forgotten places

The lies we say, a fool might worship

The names we slay, the fool might cherish…

I cast away the names you gave me,

I am the Death that always stalks thee…

And when you’ll pray in tongues of venom,

The words you’ll say reflect lost wisdom…

But when you’ll die, I’ll simply smile,

Damnation is the price you, we, and they

We pray, we hope…

We are deluding ourselves we’ll never pay...

Behold your thousand deaths I carve upon thee,

I am the first and last,

The god you’ll not obey,

The monster in the window,

Slowly awaiting your decay,

You mortal coil, of all that’s gone astray...

I am the sword you love and cherish,

I am the shadow that you love and hate…

Beware the final touch, when all you are,

Ends up in a grave…


  1. Imi place ideea de la care ai plecat si a iesit foarte frumos! Iluziile, instinctul de supravietuire, moartea, dualismul bine-rau, Rai-Iad sunt teme fara moarte si imi face placere sa vad ca cineva se gandeste sa le abordeze intr-un mod absolut original. Se vede ca are semnatura ta. Foarte foarte frumos!