Feb 28, 2011

Broken Mirror

I’ve seen you both the mirror,

Deities of Chaos and Death,

I’ve seen in the same mirror

That which lies beyond the horror.

I built the walls of forgetfulness

But soon I will need to build a door

The simple smiles suffice no more

Broken memories are to be replaced...

The oath of blood shall be no more

What once was sacred is an illusion,

Absolution comes delivered by sinners

And simple truths are told by liars.

I've seen thus myself in the broken mirror

The pieces fall in place together put in proper order,

Only for those that are not of this puzzle,

I know you well deities of Chaos and Death!

Feb 21, 2011



Aseară, m-am întins în pat,

Gândindu-mă la tine,

Visând abisul,

Visând lumina.

Uşor, visurile s-au stins,

Căci m-am gândit la tine,

Coşmarul meu reînoit,

Iar sufletul te căuta mut.

Paşii grei din nou îi aud,

Iar lumea-mi pare făurită în lut,

Eşti prea aproape, prea departe poate,

Sau poate doar o viaţă ne desparte…

Fug iar acum,

Iar mâine, voi râde poate,

Pierdut în tine,

La răsărit, visul se stinge.

În oglindă văd,

Pe chipul meu

O rană

Şi mă gândesc la tine…

Serpent's Kiss

The serpent’s kiss,

The sweetest smile,

The words from hell,

Rules that no longer apply.

Snakes that crawl inside your dreams

Twisted coils around your soul,

The serpents soothe your wasting pain

With sweet venom, carving its way towards your brain

And then you dream,

The dreams of death,

The dreams of heaven,

Sweet dreams of hell

The serpent lies: your life just like a carnival,

Caress the serpent, enjoy the ride,

In the end the serpent leaves,

You are left cold and all alone.

In the stray days that await ahead,

The serpent waits, patiently, in the shadows,

To wrap his cold flesh around your dreams,

Enjoy his cold grasp, as your soul he devours…

May hellhounds come, my flesh to pieces shred,

Quench my thirst with holy hellfire,

My body drowned in the light of dawn,

For all eternities I crave the serpent’s kiss and sweetest smile…

"And if I would dare to tell the truth

Nothing would stay the same"

Feb 18, 2011


The man had a dream, covered in snakes,

The wolves where approaching, and as he woke,

A thought emerged from his nightmare,

A thought like no other: the world will die…

See a thousand devils rise,

From deep within and all around,

They’ll go to sleep, but only after,

Your lifeless body will hit the floor…

Tear down the walls,

Smash them down,

The frail veil of perception

Dragged across your eyes

Claw your way out from ignorance

I despise your very nature, human

Frail beyond all reason and intellect,

Forfeit your right to live and kill

God is war and god is pain

Godisnowhere drinking from your vein,

Worship a name without a face,

A lump of wood splashed with a mug of paint.

You claim that I devour your soul

Then I ask of you, what could you know?

Pointless delusion, you lack the right to exist,

From the abyss you came from, back to it crawl!

Feb 7, 2011

Venom of the Fallen

I am the blood that flows

I am the nightmare of the world,

Draining away each drop

Of beauty’s essence before I fall

Drunk on all your lies,

Drunk is the lord of flies,

Absinthe poured into my glass,

Mixed with tears of the spirit that dies…

Drop by drop, I crave to fall,

Step by step I built the wall,

The feelings gone, the mind at rest,

The god waiting for his test...

Sleeping awake each night, a drop more,

Dreaming of the worlds forgotten by the sunshine,

The venom works its way around my soul,

Rotting just a little more everything once held sacred.

Feb 6, 2011


Whispers from the realm of the dead

The ride to hell, a whole different story

The nightmares rise and fall,

One is bound to haunt your mind forever

One whisper crawls beneath your skin

The reaper always closing in,

The time to answer for all sins,

The way you lose your mind in darkness…

The smile of the fallen, always reminding,

Of simple pleasures, and guilty thoughts,

Chronicles of delusion, are written in your name,

Forever knowing your deep dark guilt.

To be born, or to die, alone, you see

The curse inflicted upon mankind,

Simple rays of light that warm nothing,

The sun of winter forever leaves me cold…

Feb 3, 2011


Deadly whispers of the days to come,

Mute reminders, of unseen strings,

The strings that bind us,

Shall bind us forever in our curse…

The nightmares haunt us, grow stronger,

For our blood and tears, feeds their hunger.

The lesser man weeps before his gods,

The stronger man subdues them…

Absolution is a point of view

Carry your burdens proudly,

Weep not for those that harm you

Weep not even for yourself

Kneel before the image of pain,

Weakened by the course of fate,

The deeds of death are in fact deeds of life,

Waiting, to be reborn cleaner than before.

Sin or Absolution

Death or Birth

Light or Darkness

The same to Me…

Feb 1, 2011


Fallen ashes upon your grave,

Try not to see the reason,

The weeping angels are here,

To cast your soul away

There is no higher meaning,

All your prayers are used and useless,

One thing must you remember,

The curse you inflicted comes back to haunt you…

Pure and simple pleasure,

Your blood, the wine, sweeter, still,

Deep from the corners of your mind,

A face emerges, is it mine? You never knew me

The traces of humanity simply fade away,

If you remember the deadly nectar,

I know the way you feel, I might,

Not care beloved, if you stare…

I might believe and kneel, alone before your image

I might burn all of you tonight, piece by piece,

Moment by moment, I care not if I die,

How can you, poor mortal, dare to understand?

Circle of fate, life and death alike

Perfectly balanced symmetry,

I wish not for retribution,

I care not about others’ damned souls…

I only care about their demise...