Feb 18, 2011


The man had a dream, covered in snakes,

The wolves where approaching, and as he woke,

A thought emerged from his nightmare,

A thought like no other: the world will die…

See a thousand devils rise,

From deep within and all around,

They’ll go to sleep, but only after,

Your lifeless body will hit the floor…

Tear down the walls,

Smash them down,

The frail veil of perception

Dragged across your eyes

Claw your way out from ignorance

I despise your very nature, human

Frail beyond all reason and intellect,

Forfeit your right to live and kill

God is war and god is pain

Godisnowhere drinking from your vein,

Worship a name without a face,

A lump of wood splashed with a mug of paint.

You claim that I devour your soul

Then I ask of you, what could you know?

Pointless delusion, you lack the right to exist,

From the abyss you came from, back to it crawl!

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