Apr 27, 2011

Wasteland Of Souls

There was a time when Death roamed free,

And all the angels bowed their heads in shame,

The weeping pictures of the fallen cracked,

Inside deserted houses of prayer…

The time for gods to rule and blame;

They said that it would be forgotten,

They swore never to let go,

The dreams of the fallen,

The tears they cry…

There is a god;

Not known to you,

And I,

Feel his breath around my head,

Or deep inside,

My soul,

I know not the difference…

[Between Him and Me]

And none should know,

No longer,

Through deadly hollow whispers,

Promises turn to lies,

They bare the story

Of what was,

And is no more….


  1. Sans etre l'etait
    Sans etre l'est
    Sans etre sera
    Vers le bas plus haute
    L'esprit meure la Mort des Dieux

  2. the gods never die, they just turn their heads away in disgust...