May 24, 2011

Appearance of Flesh

This flesh is not my flesh,
Just like the vows are not my own
My spirit longs to be released,
My one prayer goes for the deceased…

Red from hell,
Red for all,
Red’s the veil across your eyes,
Red’s the grave of all your lies…

Reek of death, reek of salvation
These words are not my own,
Simple prayers for simple minds,
Each one of them, merely a distraction

The screams of a thousand worlds are not to be heard

Inside this world that’s dying,
A shell of flesh is not the measure,
As an image cast for ignorant eyes,
Is not the reflection of truth, not by far…

May 16, 2011

Rotten Faith


The shadow of death

Reached far and wide

Across all land,

The blood ran in rivers,

A kingdom of corpses,

Is better than a kingdom of men…

The blood of the faithful

Is clouding your judgment,

God of the abyss,

I know your pain…

The damned shall feast upon men,

Enjoying each and every prayer…

Unleash them all, the dogs of war,

The sinful kind shall rule once more

The minds of the weak,

In the name of the righteous…

One true god never born,

At least not in the time when Rome ruled the world…

The prophets of darkness are claiming

To know the very essence of light,

So the fools might follow,

The words that should remain unknown,

All throughout the ages,

The words of the wicked are not so different

than your own…

May 6, 2011

[Chronicles Of The Fallen] First Truth

The first went, and poured out his bowl into the earth, and it became a harmful and evil sore on the people who had the mark of the beast, and who worshiped his image.
Book of Lies

We are the ones that feed the fallen

We give them peace and shelter

From the one true lord of lies,

From the blaming pictures on the walls…

Hear them calling, into the night,

The shadows moved for a while,

The erotic reverie of defiance,

Lies deep within us all…

Erect the banner of blasphemy,

Salute it proudly and make your oath,

The days of the fallen,

Are glimpsing their cold sharp teeth…

A cold silk touch on naked breasts of sin,

The lies will tempt us all,

The truth is what guides our fall,

And the skies will keep on falling…

May 5, 2011

Dark Whispers


Overfilled with nothingness,

With wings of angels,

The truth turns to lies,

Screams of the righteous,

Elixir for the damned…

From the shadows, the prince is whispering,

Telling how and when you’ll see

The truth hidden for all eyes that bleed,

The face of god, the name unwritten still…

Is the horror never seen?

For in the shadows an angel weeps,

Fallen now for his belief,

His tears feeding a never coming beast…

Then you stare into the shadow,

See it move, and don’t believe,

Was the shadow overwhelming,

Was the angel, was it beast?

Was the prince of disbelief?

Dreams of Death

"In a dream

In a pool of blood

Evil is as pure as innocence

Evil is as pure as love"

Tiamat - In A Dream

Let the screams descend upon the world,

Like a forgotten veil of tears,

Washed away by the blood of the innocents

A wasteland is barely a reflection

…after all

The deeds of death, the deeds of life

Shallow smiles hide bleeding skies,

The tales of the damned, testimonies of the dead,

Deadly whispers in one’s head,

… away with you all!

Once you’ve seen and touched your downfall,

Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison,

Tell me darling, is it wrong?

What is the sin in dreaming worlds forgotten,

… where you mortals, never been?

Where’s the bleeding dream of madness,

In my head, or in your dream?

Where’s the place drowned in all stillness,

Where’s the mortal I could never be? it dead, or in a dream?