May 5, 2011

Dreams of Death

"In a dream

In a pool of blood

Evil is as pure as innocence

Evil is as pure as love"

Tiamat - In A Dream

Let the screams descend upon the world,

Like a forgotten veil of tears,

Washed away by the blood of the innocents

A wasteland is barely a reflection

…after all

The deeds of death, the deeds of life

Shallow smiles hide bleeding skies,

The tales of the damned, testimonies of the dead,

Deadly whispers in one’s head,

… away with you all!

Once you’ve seen and touched your downfall,

Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison,

Tell me darling, is it wrong?

What is the sin in dreaming worlds forgotten,

… where you mortals, never been?

Where’s the bleeding dream of madness,

In my head, or in your dream?

Where’s the place drowned in all stillness,

Where’s the mortal I could never be? it dead, or in a dream?

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