May 16, 2011

Rotten Faith


The shadow of death

Reached far and wide

Across all land,

The blood ran in rivers,

A kingdom of corpses,

Is better than a kingdom of men…

The blood of the faithful

Is clouding your judgment,

God of the abyss,

I know your pain…

The damned shall feast upon men,

Enjoying each and every prayer…

Unleash them all, the dogs of war,

The sinful kind shall rule once more

The minds of the weak,

In the name of the righteous…

One true god never born,

At least not in the time when Rome ruled the world…

The prophets of darkness are claiming

To know the very essence of light,

So the fools might follow,

The words that should remain unknown,

All throughout the ages,

The words of the wicked are not so different

than your own…

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