Jun 20, 2011

Of Light and Shadows

By thy cold breast and serpent smile,
By thy unfathom'd gulfs of guile,
By that most seeming virtuos eye,
By thy shut soul's hypocrisy;
By the perfection of thine art
Which pass'd for human thine own heart;

The Vision Bleak - A Curse of the Grandest kind

The words of another,

Delicate whispers of sin,

Flowing softly from darkness

To surely die in the light...

Cleanse my soul with your hate

Purify my thoughts with venom

I remember a boy in the snow,

He alone, playing with the wolves...

Graves of hope and graves of lies

Beneath them all, you’ll find the light

Entombed by faith, the master screams

To be released once again upon this world.

Compelled by shadows,

Razor through the crowd,

Tormented by deeds to come,

Whisper my name, so I would remember…

Jun 15, 2011

The New Creed

The fall is but for the fallen...