Jul 10, 2011

Death in the Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Do you see death puting its hand on you?
Do you feel the smell of sweet decay,
And do you picture the place your body will lay...

Down, forever?

How do you think it will happen?
Will it be the friend that lied,
The girl that cried,
A stranger on a dark road,

Or just a simple mishap?

What else would come to happen next?
Who will carry your soul to eternal rest?
Will it be the hordes of demons,
Or blissful choirs of angels?

Tell me, human, do you think you'll pass your test?

Will you sink away in silence,
Or become a raving star of light?
Will your warmth empower reason,
Or your darkness inspire madness?

Answer this and I will depart...

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