Aug 22, 2011

[Chronicles of the Fallen] The Forgotten Angel

And the eight angel, poured his vial into the souls of men,
And immortality was taken from them,
And given unto the beasts of earth, fire, water and air,
And power was given unto them to rule with teeth and claws
The Forgotten Verse

Morbid memories of a past that died
Rotting visions of a future that could have been,
Long ago when there was still a soul
Inside these rotting bones of mine

The future hastens, the road ahead,
Are to be chosen randomly
Life, usualy decided by the roll of the dice,
My path was carved in stone

Too long ago, before all that, and even further,
The Golden Path was laid,
Before me,
A test for the strenght of mind.

There will be a time,
When all the words shall fade,
Allowing the worms to devour,
The final dreams,
Of a world that dies

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