Sep 24, 2011


White souls, and dark souls,
All dimmed by the ashes of the fall,
Gathered round the flames of perdition
Engulfed in the abyss of forgetfulnes

Chaos is just another name
For a different order,
The serpent coiled around
Your soul, will doom us all...

There was an eclipse in paradise,
The angels were hidden in fear,
Saints running for their lifes,
Scared that no god answered their prayers...

And just like that, the darkness in hell,
Was shattered by a burst of light,
The demons blinded by a forgotten memory,
A taste of things that were,

A taste of things to come...


  1. Stumbled upon your blog on twiends. Lovely writings here, fellow poet. I admire them.

  2. Thank you! It certainly feels good :D