Oct 13, 2011

Autumn Leaves

"How we became Fire?
Slaves to the smaller Desire
Of ignoring wrong and right

When we could have been water
The shape of all things
The end of all things..."

Consider this, consider well,
A rose that withers,
In cold desolate winds of autumn,
Sadly will never come back
To life...

Consider when you speak,
That your words might be believed,
And some fool might guide himself,
To hit the wall
Of perdition...

Consider what you swear, consider well,
Beware of words like forever,
Beware the gulible fallen,
Wishing to believe in a moment
Of bliss

Consider who you put under your spell,
Asume they'll never forget,
Perhaps their wounds will never heal,
Perhaps your deeds will never be...


Consider where you'll run and hide,
Knowing that you'll be creating,
Another just like you,
Consider that and all of this,


1 comment:

  1. "The trees are crying leafts tinged with oblivion..."When I rode it, I thought about one of my poems( Mi english is so bad so I write in spanish) But your poem is wonderful.