Jan 21, 2012

[Chronicles of the Fallen] - A Matter of Choice

Remember this, remember well,
Heaven is the place from which the demons fell,
Exiled to constant ordeal,
Remember this, remember well,
Frome heaven comes all hell...

Imagine this, imagine well,
The punishment for wishing knowledge,
Is the constant living hell...
Answer this and answer well:

If hell's for angels what's left for humans?

Consider this, consider well,
What is ignorance for the human mind,
If not the highest form of blessing?
I beg you choose and choose this well:

Would you rather rest in heaven,
Or forever burn in hell??

Jan 18, 2012

Hell's Gate

A whisper of the dead,
Here on the edge of life,
Gazing into abyss,
Immortality is just a step away...

A leap of faith for the fallen,
Benevolent smile from an absent deity,
Desgusted from what you leave behind,
The only way to go is forward...

Forward turns to down,
The pat on the back - a brutal push away,
The deads of life - the deeds of death,
Confess nothing if you wish to live!

No single act remains unseen,
Whisper prayer for the dead,
As you cross over the edge of the abyss,
Immortality is to be just a step behind...

Jan 14, 2012

Edge of Sanity

In the corner of your eye,
Flashes of another time,
Each moment, a reason to fear
The reaper, waiting,

Behind closed eyes...

The boy looked up,
He saw the moon
By the days to come,

Pain was all too real...

To bleed once more,
To feel alive,
To kill all hope
In a blink of an eye,
A tear of blood shall flow

Happy little puppet,
Just worship your strings,
Kiss them until you bleed,
Before you hang yourself
To obscure your mark of shame...

And when the deed is done,
They all would wonder
How could and why would he,
The answer, always, eluding them all
Hiding in plain sight...