Feb 27, 2012

Altar of Flesh

Cast a shadow, if you please,
Tourment's over, all things ease,
The ache of loss, the pain of faith,
Embrace the dead one,

The one that all shall end...

Cast a nightmare, to all things ease,
A river of blood to wash disease,
The fear of death, pain of the fallen,
Flay the dying gods,

To allow new peaceful reign...

Inflict horror, in order yourself to please,
Allow the living hell to witness your disease,
Enjoy your demons, they'll treat you well,
No living witness,

Into your fortress of solitude...

Summon your fears, from deep within,
Allow them reign over your flesh and soul,
Scream with pleasure, cry for help,
If up is down and right is left,

Always the same, always the one to blame...

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