Aug 8, 2016


Believe in nothing
As you descend into madness
Believe not the voice,
That tries to turn you around

Believe in delusions,
When heading for destruction,
Believe not the lies,
About what shouldn't be done

Believe in forever,
Believe to make it so,
Believe in forever,
After forever has passed

Believe in damnation,
Trust not you'll be forgiven,
Believe in the poison,
After the bottle is done...

Oct 16, 2014

Symphony of the Fall

A cold day under the sun
A world screaming my name
A hunting ground full of prey

The dusk of creation,
Dawn of destruction, 
Anguish of a dying world,
Whisper a prayer before the fall

Innocents are born, 
To die as sinners,
Perfect engine of destruction, 
That most of us call life.

Harvest your prayers,
Enjoy your sins,
Prepare to witness
The symphony of the Fall

Jun 24, 2014


Behold! Chaos is here
Tranquility is lost
But this is not the dawn of making
This is the dawn of the end...

Be it so that another man rise
From the ashes of the old
Keep in mind that whatever he promised
His legacy won't turn to gold...

Pay no attention, not at all,
To the people that hope
Their souls won't be sold,
Put your trust in no one,
            But the prophets of the Fall

At peace for a while,
No more rules to break or bend,
Remember the dawn of the making
Before the dawn of the end...

May 28, 2014


Enclosed space
I open my eyes

Cannot breathe
Heart beats faster

Anguish turns to rage
Fear turn to hate

Hate claims shape
Rage focuses

I close my eyes
Heart is pounding hard
Silent screams

I'm in my grave

May 29, 2013

[Chronicles of the Fallen]: Infinity

And the eight demon
Threw his vial in the face of a god
And immortality was taken from them
And given to the two,
To subdue mankind
And rule for all eternities

Fallen angels, fallen gods,
There is no difference after all,
There is a time and place,
For the weak to fall...

The walk on the dark side,
Came to an end, past ahead-future behind,
The time came undone by weakness,
Reshaped into a better, stronger image.

The clouds will gather,
But they're already gone,
Feeble attempts to summon rain,
Will be rewarded as such...

Pay attention, listen well,
Make no mistake, your life is hell,
I spit the words that come to pass
The deed is true, no more, no less...

And the two have split and shared
All creation throughout the eternities,
With kindness and brutality,
Destroying in order to create,
Killing to give birth...

Feb 21, 2013

Mask of Conformity

Wear your mask proudly,
Right up until the end,
Whisper not the names of demons,
And the ways you wish to bend...

...before them.

Wear your proper suit,
Try not to be late,
Your meeting goes on,
And on, each day...

...with conformity

Allow yourself the moment,
Enjoy your subtle break,
Light a candle for your thoughts,
Perhaps you'll find them darker still

...than the deed that goes unpunished

Waver your spirit, pay the ticket,
Hell awaits, and Hell should open,
As the woman's legs,
When the man brutally enters...

...for a while.

Dec 24, 2012

Lost in Sin

Bleed for a moment of joy
Repent for a second of sin,
I know you well, soul made of flesh
This is how your torment was to begin

Taste of flesh, taste of sin,
Your flavor well i know before i begin
The moment ends before you sleep,
The nightmare just a doorway

To what you feel...

Despair, so close and yet is far away
The moment ends when angels shall repent,
The bleeding minute just a blink away...
Thus all my questions shall begin...

Repent, receive, redeem...
Words unspoken yet
Still so true...
There is no heaven
       ...Yet all tourment shall begin