Apr 1, 2010

Before the fall

From barren wastelands

I watch the world,

Bathing in a dying light

It hurts my eyes…

To watch delusion,

Empowering its ugly shape,

Trapped in the souls of men,

Powerless I watch…

Life heading towards death,

Two lovers kissing in the distance,

I close my eyes…

Hope is fading fast,

Blood is forever flowing,

My name carved on a stone,

My face soon to be forgotten…

All my tears would have been

Spilled for nothing…

I look away,

And I still bleed…

I turn to hate

And I still hurt,

There is no place

Where I can rest my head,

No time to rest my soul,

No soul for me to call my own,

The deepest pit,

Is not as deep,

As I gaze into abyss,

I blink no longer,

And still I wait,

For hope, to heal my wounds

Another life, another time…

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