Apr 30, 2010


A dream of madness,

A way to sadness,

Lights the way,

Towards oblivion…

The place that rests my head,

The stone above me,

The name written,

A cruel joke…

In my name thou shall kill,

And painted with blood,

All the faces in my church…

Bow before false prophets,

Worship the lies,

Bleed for your god,

Bow before the lord of flies,

Forgiveness is what I call sin…

Spreading disease

Is all that soothes you within

Join the circle in the forest

Around the fire, spin

The dance of madness,

Release your sadness

And the beast that dwells

Inside your soul,

Weak human,

Aborted puppet of the master,

Discarded toy of a childish god,

Your place, forever more,

To drown in sin…

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