Apr 11, 2010


As darkness dies

And the terrible dawn comes to power

The mind that could not rest

At last found the fountain of peace

And all the tears went dry

Just for an instant

And all the prayers listened

Drowning in the light

Redemption was for a moment


Closer to what some would call heaven

The warm light of a loving soul

Embraced the darkness

As the night turned into day

A dream caressed his dying flesh

The taste of sin just for a moment


But purity in time

Is slowly passing away

In the graves of our souls

To be buried next to hope

For a while

Just to be risen

And once again fallen

On and on

Insanely subdued

In the cycle of life

There is no escape

Just one way out

Looking through the barrel of a gun

The bullet smiles

And tells you lies

“Release me now,

And I’ll release you

From your hellish life

And all desires will be gone

At peace at last

Your time to rest”

But the hole will burn you greater

And to hell with all you want...

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