Apr 1, 2010

The Devil's Ballroom

The devil’s ballroom

Isn’t it joyful tonight?

The demons all are singing

Dancing with devils

And hookers are laughing

All the souls that knew

Pain and sorrow all along

Laughing for the very first time

Dirty angels are the waiters

With broken wings,

And bleeding hands;

Fear not my love

The blood on the walls is mine…

At midnight sharp,

All music stops,

And all their voices,

Mutter the terrible chant

Praising the moment

That heaven fell, to ashes…

Mortals screaming far away

With wings of darkness,

Comes only horror,

The terrible wolf hour

When the gods hear no prayer…

Feasting with blood

The horns and tails

Fangs and claws are dancing…

Rivers of blood are flowing,

To quench their thirst,

Virgin sacrifices never ending…

And all air is rather lustful,

A gipsy demon will reveal,

All the future, and what brings,

For a sip of blood, beloved

All god’s wonders we’ll enslave,

As we lose ourselves in endless rapture,

Into madness I descend,

All hell’s faces I keep seeing,

And their laughter deafens me,

As I scratch, inside my coffin,

Gasping, for that last breath of air,

All my life seems now, never ending,

Slowly, moving to the surface,

Through the dirt that smells like home,

I rise, from the early grave,

And I gaze upon it’s name,

Like a lighting I awaken,

What’s the meaning of a name?

Dead was I, but that no longer,

Cold my eyes, that burned to shame

And all hell’s fire I remember,

When laughing demons cast me away,

Pay no attention, laughed the raven,

All god’s work done in a day…

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