Apr 1, 2010

The Eye On The Wall

It found you in your nightmare,

Blinded by its hidden beauty,

You drew the lines faster and faster,

Actually, calling for a master

You thought it will protect you

But the demon fooled you…

No more a weak creature of the world,

But slave to the eye on the wall

From now on forever there

Always watching

Always wanting

More demons to grow inside your soul

No escape you’ll ever find

For at night it is alive

Seeking revenge upon mankind

Because of them he had to fall…

You are stuck in his chains

Forever there, forever watching

Your pain and sorrow never ending

Nearly another corpse on the floor

Seeking your freedom

The answer is indeed

Get rid of the creature

That’s the eye on the wall

Trust me now for this alone

And only this can save your soul

Come on just get rid

From the eye on the wall

Seeking your freedom

Redemption is fading

One last chance before ending

Like so many before you

Legions in service of the master

The one that is watching

The face that is using

The eye on the wall

Struggling for freedom

You only fall deeper

The chains hold you tighter

And hope turns to denial

You seek for a reason

And find only treason

For all of a sudden

I’ll let it happen

The doorway will open

When the eye would have smitten

The last shred of humanity

That once was inside you

But will lead you not into oblivion

Like so you desire

Butt to hell leads the pathway

That’s set for your soul

Ask not for redemption

Nor for forgiveness

I gave you the choice

But you just ignored it

Again looking for a reason

The answer might not please you

It was just a game

And you lost your soul

Heaven or hell

Living or dying

Laughing or crying

Leading or begging

Nothing but perspective

Your purpose has been served

Since the moment of creation

Born for my distraction

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