Apr 1, 2010

Monster's Shadow

It’s not about the monster,

It’s all about his shadow

And all the ways his filth will touch

Shreds and dreams and bits of roses

All the ashes he adores

In all madness dark corruption

For all time he absorbs

Like a serpent crawling nearer

And his shadow left behind

Roaming free so far and near

Knowing smiles and all the lore

About faith and god and heaven

That’s the place that he wants more

And the shadow is slowly moving

Corrupting all and every creature

Every angel, tree and apple

That once touched the heaven’s soil

Doubt is growing only stronger

God himself is wearing black

For al pity he inspires,

For all sickness he inflicts,

Isn’t he a growing monster?

Casting shadows upon sins?

None as great as his own shallow

Book, that teaches a faith so hollow

For one’s ego all must crumble?

All the stars won’t shine forever,

All the kingdoms bound to fall…

For what reason are you greater?

No creator, no redeemer

Tainted creature on each wall

The veil of lies is to be broken

The true God’s name

Not to be spoken,

Not until the fake ones broken…

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