Apr 1, 2010


One night far away,

I preyed on your soul,

feeding, in my way,

made you a ghoul...

cry for me as I cry for your fate,

dying to live once again,

craving for flesh and sore

no one can see the light,

but the torch that died,

its smoke I smell

bringing me closer to heaven,

calling my name, but it's hell...

I rise once with the night

but far away I hear a voice

calling me to die...

no man can feel the hand

of perverted destiny

and on and on I die,

each day that crawls,

each night that falls,

and on and on I cry...

Infected with life go on and live,

take your cure for insanity:

Live your dirty life, a joyful ride

Take your time and then you die...

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