Oct 31, 2010

The legacy of angels

Pain is your mirror,

Angel of choice,

Deep inside, you hear a voice,

Cursing the day when you knew peace…

Pain is your mirror,

Angel of lies,

Your quest can only hurt you,

And in the end you fall alone…

Pain is your mirror,

Angel of death,

Alone you reap the souls of men,

Living in a hell of your own making...

Pain is your mirror,

Angel of choice,

Angel of lies,

Angel of death,

All uniquely damned,

Each one of you with different scars,

Guide all your children

To my perfect resting place.

Oct 25, 2010

Dark path

In the dead of night,

Your screams

Sound like music,

The one eternal symphony…

Cross the river of wax

On a bridge made of chains

Bound to your bed, you entered,

Blindfolded, in my dominion…

New born creature of the night,

Walk the dark path,

Enter the realm of pain,

All that you ever dreamed,

Lies broken…

All for pain,

Pain for pleasure,

Your pain,

The pleasure…

Was mine.

Oct 20, 2010

Stories of the Fall

The abyss within…

Such a lovely story,

You never know

When you get drawn in,

And you get to fall from glory,

Doubting all but every worry…

The clouds of smoke surround me,

The smoke is a lie,

The kind of lie that hides me,

The kind of smile that blinds you,

The kind of touch that soothes you,

Just for a while…

The monster stays in the shadows,

The lover gives all away, except his pain

The killer smiles while the deed is done,

The child cries and goes to sleep,

The Reaper swings his scythe,

And thus your ride to hell begins…

Oct 16, 2010

Thoughts of the fall

Fade out into nothingness,

For into nothingness you are born,

The moment you opened your eyes,

You cried out for darkness…

To be human, the prelude to hell…

There is no redemption

This life is a movie that seems to be real

The journey towards death,

That one may call a quest…

Broken thoughts, keep on emerging

We cry because of the season,

We blind our souls to the real reason,

Keep on repeating there was no treason…

Accept who you are, disgusted, do nothing,

After all, we are nothing…

We fear the darkness,

Yet crave for it’s bless,

Where is the meaning,

When we end up becoming

The monsters that we loathe?

Our names, they mean nothing

Our lives, they are less,

Our hopes and dreams,

Pointless delusions…

In the ending credits of our movies,

The others have bigger parts than our own...

Oct 14, 2010

Poisonous Bite

It is said that the thoughts you have before you die, are the thoughts that haunt your entire eternity…

How does it feel to be dead inside,

How would you feel when there’s no place

For your face to hide,

Roaming freely through all nightmares,

From my own, you cannot hide,

In the web of deception and lies

If you’re not the spider,

You must be the fly,

Go on, try to struggle,

To break free, from the deadly trap,

The good little spider waits,

Until your tears go dry,

Then delivers the greatest evil,

It’s poisonous bite.

And all the pain shall fade…

Afterwards, he feasts upon your soul,

Poor little fly, how you’d wish you where dead,

Rather than not feeling the pain of losing yourself,

Like any other dying creature.

Your brain is the last to die…

Oct 13, 2010

Path to oblivion

Fooling around the path

That leads towards oblivion,

The nightmare must begin,

With a kiss and a smile…

There are no promises that one can keep,

But for a while, until the angels weep,

The fools are forgotten, blessed are the weak,

The gift of madness, precious treasure…

Once again, the fool shall kill,

The fool that is, reverting thus

To the fool that was,

Purgatory, your gates thus open

Drown with darkness,

Rest into oblivion,

Just like the fallen angels,

Pay the price, forget bliss…

Curse the man, forget the boy,

Rest upon the illusion of ignorance,

Weak minded fool,

Your blood, the blood you gave,

…shall flow forever

Oct 10, 2010

Whorehouse Blues

third time's the charm...

I'm the one

a doua bucata obsesie :D


una bucata obsesie :))


mai multa... lene


Comoditatea e totusi un lux necesar...

And then, you are dead

Unleash the dogs of war,

May the land be cleansed,

Of all putrefaction

Human lives are but a distraction

Screaming to live once again

The souls of the dead

The legends and lore,

Shall harm you no more…

The demons are waiting

Patiently, in line

For those who are willing,

Their lives to deny…

Go ahead and try your best,

Lay your body and mind at rest

Your soul’s voyage may begin,

Perhaps you’ll just drown in sin…

No deeper meaning behind your walls,

No brighter days ahead, you’ll try to scream

While your soul still falls,

You’ll think you did it, but you’ll see,

That all you are is just a dream…

Oct 8, 2010

Moarte si grimasa...

Mergand, sau disperand,

Pe strazi nevinovate,

Din inaltul cerului,

Se pravaleau cugete neintinate

Clipeam, si ei tot cadeau,

Muritori amarati, povesti neelucidate,

Si de astfalt se striveau,

Triste nume, lipsite de fapte

Nebunul radea, si se bucura,

Vedea in fiecare umbra,

Un nume ce n-are sa-l ajunga,

Erai chiar tu pierduta-n penumbra…

Si iarasi tipai, si gemete aduceai

Nebunul zambea si se pierdea,

Acelasi eu, diszolvat mereu,

In marea de fum, dizolvata umbra…

Cristalina chemare, ce leac nu mai are

Se tot ratacea, si ii amintea de-o vaga amagire

Ce-a asteptat, mai presus de orice fire

Zeul crapa, si moartea accepta …

Cine esti tu, cine sunt eu,

Parfumul de zeu, se pierde mereu,

Tu, trista amagire, fara nume sau fire,

In intuneric nascuta, in intuneric pierduta…

Oct 7, 2010

The Weight Of A Needle

The needle went to far

The needle went to deep

No more secrets that she could keep

Broken thoughts won’t give her wings

The pit is gaping down between her legs

To drown all beasts, and to start the feast,

Dance of the dead, smell of decay,

Roaming free, yet trapped inside a nightmare

Your nightmares reach into my dreams

No will can trap what one can feel,

Lying there, in your hospital bed,

Dreaming of past mistakes, wishing to be dead

Your end won’t reach you,

The deeds of death, forever meant

To haunt your thoughts

And on your cross, your name

…shall fade

Oct 6, 2010

Amintirile unui pumnal

Fata zâmbi şi-i spuse te iubesc,

O lacrimă-i curse naivă,

Gândurile au prins conturul nemuririi,

A oftat pentru ultima oară,

Retrăind ceea ce a fost odată,

Ucise baiatul ce încă visa...

Neştiutor, pierdut in altă lume,

Rămas uitat acolo,

Rătăcind în nebunia sa,

Uitat prin fantezii nebune,

Smulse pumnalul, făcând astfel loc,

Sângelui să curgă din inima sa...

Amintirile pumnalului de argint,

Creat spre a ucide,

Hrănit mereu doar cu sânge,

Mângâiat de mâini reci,

Spălat mereu doar de lacrimi

Instrument perfid ce naşte doar durere

Dar drama sa, cine poate a înţelege,

Atunci când nu ai puterea de a alege,

Scopul tău fiind dat de mâna ce te poartă,

Când doar să aştepţi poţi,

Pentru a cunoaşte a ta soartă,

Neputincios aducând, moarte peste lume

Visul său era sa fie operă de artă...

Oct 4, 2010


Whispered word inside a dream

The name that can change one’s scream

Essence so frail, your beauty,

Must be handled with care…

…it might break

A crack on your mask,

So much can reveal,

The reasons that elude me,

For the thing that could not be…

…perhaps to soon

The mirage that was,

The failures and torments,

All, buried in the past,

Time to wear another mask…

… of porcelain

Wasting away just one more day

I wished to much to be real

The delusion made me kneel,

And then, there was nothing else…

…to say

Oct 1, 2010

Ashes Of The Fall

Crippled and tainted

By the last glass of wine

All memories faded

Like all scars do in time...

The fall before the rise,

Rise that precedes the fall,

Nothing matters,

Nothing ever ends

So be it sorrow, be it joy

All that ever begins,

Ends, and after all,

What’s the difference?

Between a boy and a toy?