Oct 14, 2010

Poisonous Bite

It is said that the thoughts you have before you die, are the thoughts that haunt your entire eternity…

How does it feel to be dead inside,

How would you feel when there’s no place

For your face to hide,

Roaming freely through all nightmares,

From my own, you cannot hide,

In the web of deception and lies

If you’re not the spider,

You must be the fly,

Go on, try to struggle,

To break free, from the deadly trap,

The good little spider waits,

Until your tears go dry,

Then delivers the greatest evil,

It’s poisonous bite.

And all the pain shall fade…

Afterwards, he feasts upon your soul,

Poor little fly, how you’d wish you where dead,

Rather than not feeling the pain of losing yourself,

Like any other dying creature.

Your brain is the last to die…

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