Dec 2, 2011

Divine Perversion

The damned fell back into hell
Cold of winter everburning
Wheel of fate that's ever turning
Round and round spinning into oblivion

Armies of the dead, spreading across
Barbarian hordes thirsty for blood,
Fields of corpses everlasting,
To feed the lust of the new born god,

A world must die...

No final prayers for the dead,
No carved stones to remember their names,
No candles burning their poison up into heaven...
I pitty the slaves of divine perversion...

A river of blood
To appease a god,
Hidden in mortal flesh,
From the loneliness of eternity,
Plague amongst men,
Feeding with life and death
Mostly with pain...

A child burning his toys...

Nov 16, 2011

Crude Awakening

Whisper myself to death,
In a dream,
In a forgotten world,
Lingering memories,
Of a time before...

Sounds of horror,
Screams of pain,
Loving reminders
Of what I was,
Perhaps never again

Dying and smiling
Falling and hoping
Burry me not with the dead
Leave me not to rott,
With the damned,
I wish not to disturb their sleep,
Because of my weltered soul
That may awaken them all...

After all is said and done
Perhaps now hoping
More likely, bloodletting

A cold breeze inspires
The awakening
Of a long gone soul
Doubting its own existence...


Oct 22, 2011

[Chronicles of the Fallen]: Suicidal Deity

How do you kill
A God?
He will
Grow tired,
Wishing to be dead,
Become mortal,
Grow up,
Grow weary,
Grow tired,
Grow old...
But for a mortal,
Growth is Death,
His spirit thus,
Forgetting what HE was,
Joining the realm of the dead,
Rising or falling,
To glory or decay,
Forever to forget
What HE ever meant...

Oct 13, 2011

Autumn Leaves

"How we became Fire?
Slaves to the smaller Desire
Of ignoring wrong and right

When we could have been water
The shape of all things
The end of all things..."

Consider this, consider well,
A rose that withers,
In cold desolate winds of autumn,
Sadly will never come back
To life...

Consider when you speak,
That your words might be believed,
And some fool might guide himself,
To hit the wall
Of perdition...

Consider what you swear, consider well,
Beware of words like forever,
Beware the gulible fallen,
Wishing to believe in a moment
Of bliss

Consider who you put under your spell,
Asume they'll never forget,
Perhaps their wounds will never heal,
Perhaps your deeds will never be...


Consider where you'll run and hide,
Knowing that you'll be creating,
Another just like you,
Consider that and all of this,


Oct 7, 2011


O lacrima se scurse pe obraz,
Unicul martor al decadentei

Incotro curgi tu asa grabita?
Te vei usca in curand,
Iar Eu, netrebnicul,
Te voi nega zambind...

Dar au sa mai curga si altele,
Si au sa spere, inocente,
La neuitare,
Si la clipa de recunoastere...

Sperante inutile,
Sufletul marsavul, se inegreste,
Si inocent deschide a lor cale,
Spre a se cufunda in uitare...

Oct 3, 2011

Beast Within

There is a beast hidden in plain sight,
The beast offers release, instincts and power,
All that he asks for is freedom,
All that it cares for is blood...

Feel the beast inside,
Scratching away all sanity,
With pain and pleasure,
Torturing until the point of death...

No way to ease the longing,
Except the release of madness,
The animal craves for freedom,
To devour all worlds, abusing their desire...

The smell of prey enrages sweet decay,
For all he lusts, for all he wants,
To tear apart sweet flesh until it rotts away,
The animal is hidden from your sight...

Fed up with silence, seek your release,
In the tender arms of your beast,
Unleash its thirst upon the world
For in the end you'll be found willing...

Sep 24, 2011


White souls, and dark souls,
All dimmed by the ashes of the fall,
Gathered round the flames of perdition
Engulfed in the abyss of forgetfulnes

Chaos is just another name
For a different order,
The serpent coiled around
Your soul, will doom us all...

There was an eclipse in paradise,
The angels were hidden in fear,
Saints running for their lifes,
Scared that no god answered their prayers...

And just like that, the darkness in hell,
Was shattered by a burst of light,
The demons blinded by a forgotten memory,
A taste of things that were,

A taste of things to come...

Sep 13, 2011


Run, little boy, run!
Hide inside your perfect world,
Run, little boy, run,
Away from the guilt you feel...

Run little toy, run!
Hide on a shelf somewhere,
Run, little toy, run,
Away from the grasp of the master...

Run little girl, run!
Hide under your precious little bed,
Run little girl, run,
So that no man could see you cry...

Run little man, run,
Hide behind your lies,
Run, little man, run,
Inherit the world that you deserve!

There is no sunshine for the eyes sawn shut
There is no redemption for the unrepented,
No release from sorrow, not even a brighter tomorrow,
Just the nothingness from which you are born...

Aug 30, 2011

Hint of Black

I remember the soft touch of your skin,
I remember the warm embrace of flesh,
Alas, how i loved the taste of your blood,
Indeed, I am the dagger stuck in your heart.

Redemption I give, to the likes of you,
Cold souls, with nothing else to lose,
I carve my name upon your skin,
Indeed, my name is the Death of you and all your kin...

I tear the soul out of your body,
I cast a shadow across to hide you from their sight,
Tormenting you with all that you never even knew,
Indeed, my name is Kharon, delivering you to the realm of the dead...

I am the tool that delivers,
The means to an end,
I am the purpose and the deliverer,
You know my name, but what dare you see,
... when you gaze upon my face?

The key of the realm stays hidden, within my reach,
Out of your sight...

Aug 22, 2011

[Chronicles of the Fallen] The Forgotten Angel

And the eight angel, poured his vial into the souls of men,
And immortality was taken from them,
And given unto the beasts of earth, fire, water and air,
And power was given unto them to rule with teeth and claws
The Forgotten Verse

Morbid memories of a past that died
Rotting visions of a future that could have been,
Long ago when there was still a soul
Inside these rotting bones of mine

The future hastens, the road ahead,
Are to be chosen randomly
Life, usualy decided by the roll of the dice,
My path was carved in stone

Too long ago, before all that, and even further,
The Golden Path was laid,
Before me,
A test for the strenght of mind.

There will be a time,
When all the words shall fade,
Allowing the worms to devour,
The final dreams,
Of a world that dies

Aug 9, 2011

[Chronicles Of The Fallen] Baptism Of Fire

And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun;
And power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

Fire flowing from above,
Fire burning in the pits on hell,
Fire melting our dreams and hopes,
Fire to drown it all
the non existing hope

The flames of judgement
Casting shadows inside all souls,
Scaring the darkness away,
Revealing imperfection more and more,
negating all past delusions

Reek of death, reek of salvation
Take your last breath of freedom,
If you fall or if you rise,
To be a servant of true light,
or servant of the lies,

A servant nonetheless...

Wish fire upon the fallen,
Fire upon the earth,
Fire to burn the ascended,
Fire to devour it all...

Jul 23, 2011


I am the god, dreaming,
Inside the womb of the world,

I come for your soul,
Inside your dreams I rule,
Knowing, my curse all too well,
Devouring the first and the last.

I am the one that wellcomes the demons
To take his soul away
Just for a while, forget, dream, be mortal...
Then arise, my darkened wings, spread across the world

I know not peace, i know not war,
I feed with war, i lust for peace,
My very essence rejects my making,
Riddle me this, riddle me that...

Who am I?

Jul 10, 2011

Death in the Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Do you see death puting its hand on you?
Do you feel the smell of sweet decay,
And do you picture the place your body will lay...

Down, forever?

How do you think it will happen?
Will it be the friend that lied,
The girl that cried,
A stranger on a dark road,

Or just a simple mishap?

What else would come to happen next?
Who will carry your soul to eternal rest?
Will it be the hordes of demons,
Or blissful choirs of angels?

Tell me, human, do you think you'll pass your test?

Will you sink away in silence,
Or become a raving star of light?
Will your warmth empower reason,
Or your darkness inspire madness?

Answer this and I will depart...

Jul 1, 2011


A scent of sin

Carried by the wind

Cold touch bringing pleasure

A lost memory I forgot …

How to treasure

The night comes in pieces

Empowers the soul to dream

Bits and pieces of broken wings

Darken a forgotten memory of the rain,

…reign of Chaos

The tentacles of darkness

Are clouding the earth

Corrupting slowly

The last decadent sanctuary

…in Paradise

Jun 20, 2011

Of Light and Shadows

By thy cold breast and serpent smile,
By thy unfathom'd gulfs of guile,
By that most seeming virtuos eye,
By thy shut soul's hypocrisy;
By the perfection of thine art
Which pass'd for human thine own heart;

The Vision Bleak - A Curse of the Grandest kind

The words of another,

Delicate whispers of sin,

Flowing softly from darkness

To surely die in the light...

Cleanse my soul with your hate

Purify my thoughts with venom

I remember a boy in the snow,

He alone, playing with the wolves...

Graves of hope and graves of lies

Beneath them all, you’ll find the light

Entombed by faith, the master screams

To be released once again upon this world.

Compelled by shadows,

Razor through the crowd,

Tormented by deeds to come,

Whisper my name, so I would remember…

May 24, 2011

Appearance of Flesh

This flesh is not my flesh,
Just like the vows are not my own
My spirit longs to be released,
My one prayer goes for the deceased…

Red from hell,
Red for all,
Red’s the veil across your eyes,
Red’s the grave of all your lies…

Reek of death, reek of salvation
These words are not my own,
Simple prayers for simple minds,
Each one of them, merely a distraction

The screams of a thousand worlds are not to be heard

Inside this world that’s dying,
A shell of flesh is not the measure,
As an image cast for ignorant eyes,
Is not the reflection of truth, not by far…

May 16, 2011

Rotten Faith


The shadow of death

Reached far and wide

Across all land,

The blood ran in rivers,

A kingdom of corpses,

Is better than a kingdom of men…

The blood of the faithful

Is clouding your judgment,

God of the abyss,

I know your pain…

The damned shall feast upon men,

Enjoying each and every prayer…

Unleash them all, the dogs of war,

The sinful kind shall rule once more

The minds of the weak,

In the name of the righteous…

One true god never born,

At least not in the time when Rome ruled the world…

The prophets of darkness are claiming

To know the very essence of light,

So the fools might follow,

The words that should remain unknown,

All throughout the ages,

The words of the wicked are not so different

than your own…

May 6, 2011

[Chronicles Of The Fallen] First Truth

The first went, and poured out his bowl into the earth, and it became a harmful and evil sore on the people who had the mark of the beast, and who worshiped his image.
Book of Lies

We are the ones that feed the fallen

We give them peace and shelter

From the one true lord of lies,

From the blaming pictures on the walls…

Hear them calling, into the night,

The shadows moved for a while,

The erotic reverie of defiance,

Lies deep within us all…

Erect the banner of blasphemy,

Salute it proudly and make your oath,

The days of the fallen,

Are glimpsing their cold sharp teeth…

A cold silk touch on naked breasts of sin,

The lies will tempt us all,

The truth is what guides our fall,

And the skies will keep on falling…

May 5, 2011

Dark Whispers


Overfilled with nothingness,

With wings of angels,

The truth turns to lies,

Screams of the righteous,

Elixir for the damned…

From the shadows, the prince is whispering,

Telling how and when you’ll see

The truth hidden for all eyes that bleed,

The face of god, the name unwritten still…

Is the horror never seen?

For in the shadows an angel weeps,

Fallen now for his belief,

His tears feeding a never coming beast…

Then you stare into the shadow,

See it move, and don’t believe,

Was the shadow overwhelming,

Was the angel, was it beast?

Was the prince of disbelief?

Dreams of Death

"In a dream

In a pool of blood

Evil is as pure as innocence

Evil is as pure as love"

Tiamat - In A Dream

Let the screams descend upon the world,

Like a forgotten veil of tears,

Washed away by the blood of the innocents

A wasteland is barely a reflection

…after all

The deeds of death, the deeds of life

Shallow smiles hide bleeding skies,

The tales of the damned, testimonies of the dead,

Deadly whispers in one’s head,

… away with you all!

Once you’ve seen and touched your downfall,

Once you’ve tasted the sweet poison,

Tell me darling, is it wrong?

What is the sin in dreaming worlds forgotten,

… where you mortals, never been?

Where’s the bleeding dream of madness,

In my head, or in your dream?

Where’s the place drowned in all stillness,

Where’s the mortal I could never be? it dead, or in a dream?

Apr 27, 2011

Wasteland Of Souls

There was a time when Death roamed free,

And all the angels bowed their heads in shame,

The weeping pictures of the fallen cracked,

Inside deserted houses of prayer…

The time for gods to rule and blame;

They said that it would be forgotten,

They swore never to let go,

The dreams of the fallen,

The tears they cry…

There is a god;

Not known to you,

And I,

Feel his breath around my head,

Or deep inside,

My soul,

I know not the difference…

[Between Him and Me]

And none should know,

No longer,

Through deadly hollow whispers,

Promises turn to lies,

They bare the story

Of what was,

And is no more….

Apr 21, 2011

Spiritus Mundi

One step forward,

Toward the fall,

A feeling less to burden my soul,

The name of the fallen…

Written above my door…

Summon the demons,

To carry them all,

Away, far away,

From the ashes…

…what one may call a soul…

The filthy remains empower all worms,

To gather round,

Feast upon forgotten names,

Of a still living god…

About to die aren’t you all?

Apr 19, 2011

April Dark

One crow, sorrow. Two crows, joy. Three crows, a letter! Four crows, a boy...Five crows, silver. Six crows, gold! Seven crows, a secret never to be told...

Counting Crows

I saw you last night

Gasping for air…

Was it that you were dying?

Hung with your own hair…

The tree was right behind you

Carved upon it a name,

Forgotten tale of lore,

Useless premonitions,

Useless are not you all?

I felt your cold hand in the middle of the night

Your touch I could not bear,

Your shadow moved as the moon,

Drown behind you in despair…

Seek not my voice in your dream

Seek not to feel me, not at all,

Seek not to gaze into abyss,

Seek not my face before your fall…

Apr 10, 2011

Solitary Prayer

"Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!" I shrieked, upstarting--
"Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore!
Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!
Leave my loneliness unbroken! -- quit the bust above my door!
Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!"
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven

Whispers crawling, whispers calling,

Too dead before you’re born,

Too damned before, your heart is thorn

Between all wrongs and rights…

So draw your lines,

Hide between your thoughts,

Otherworldly images of pain,

The line is always mine to cross…

Scream your thoughts before the sky,

Inside your mind, forsaken lullaby,

The lullaby of Death made flesh,

Lick the sweat between its thighs…

Devour sweetly my last breath,

With each and every thought astray,

With each and every kiss of clay,

Deliver Me into my grave…

Apr 6, 2011

[Chronicles Of The Fallen] The Sea

"And the second angel poured out the vial upon the sea; And it became as the blood of a dead man; And every living soul died in the sea."

The Book of Lies

A sea of memories,

To suffer in,

To drown your dreams,

Caressed by the waves…

Listen to the sea,

Drown in forbidden memories,

Washed away on the sands of time, that are,

And will ever be, the stones thrown and crushed,

Against those angels of mine…

There is no greater pleasure

Than weep a sea to drown you in,

Than bleed a river of venom,

To caress the lost souls of the dead...

The damned shall feast,

Upon forsaken dreams,

And angels shall never cease

To devour our ever rotting corpses…

The sea, eternal reminder of what might have been…

Mar 31, 2011

The Madman's Peace

After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The displaced thoughts of a madman

Are curling and twisting and screaming

Without purpose or meaning

Always the silence-so deafening…

The last temptation of a dying god,

The last words of incoherence

Spoken in a nightmare,

Just before the cruel awakening…

Sicker now than ever been,

Further than I ever been,

I cast away all lost reality,

To subdue a world is always easy…

Betray me, please, but only if you’ll find your peace...

Smile now, perhaps you’ll cry,

Please forgive me when I lie

For when I lied, I lied in pieces,

Knowing now, there’s no release…

Mar 23, 2011


Prey be humble,
Pray be dead,
Prey’s the child
When in his bed;

Prey, be stubborn,
Pray to live,
Carve your name upon a stone
Pray not to lose what’s yours to give

Prey, be ashes,
Else be cold,
Pray your soul
Not to be sold.

Prey, be careful,
Not to lean,
Against a whisper
Flawed within…

Prey, be shameful,
Pray to sin,
Prey be fallen
Pray to me…

Mar 17, 2011

Remember Nothing...

The moon is hanging in the balance,

The one, the man, was lost a while ago,

The leaves are falling; it’s time to leave,

Forget it all, the beast is dying, but who’s to blame?

I can’t forgive, forget is not my nature,



Bleed for the last night!

I beg you, die,

I carve your name into oblivion,

I spare not pleasant memories,

And all shall be forgotten…

There was a full moon,

One night,

I begged, but that shall be no more,

I cried, but not a soul remembers…

One story meant to be buried,

One story cast into oblivion,

The same story is never to be told,

Another story, never to be sold…

The matter, a prison, the one I loathe,

My soul screams for freedom,

Myself to cast into forevermore...

Forgive, forget… me not…

Mar 12, 2011

The Reign Of Ashes

Meet darkness with darkness,

Surrounding you, death,

Nobody knew,

Nobody cared…

The smile is gone,

The nightmares

Always, closing in,

Clawing, fiends inside my brain,

Nobody knows,

Nobody cares…

Seek the fire,

Drown with ashes,

The prophet bled

Before the lashes,

The madman knows

What’s to be done…

To save a dying world from harm,

The sick alone can heal,

Down is up,

And Black is White…

The thieves are giving from themselves,

The killers shall give birth,

The new dimension, overwhelming,

Seek not another answer,

Salvation through Sin,

None shall know,

None shall care…

Mar 9, 2011

One With The Night

The voice is fading

The venom’s whispers are gone,

Your screaming night has come

Worry not, you won’t live forever…

Crying and screaming you’ll pray,

Screaming my name, I want to hear you beg

To forgive your sins,

But I won’t allow you back in heaven.

Hear Death’s whisper in the wind,

Smell its subtle fragrance,

Reach for the tear that’s dry,

Trying to remember a story meant eternal...

The place where my road started,

The smile that ended the struggle,

Angels are falling anyway,

My sin alone does pay…

Mar 8, 2011


Aproape e nimic,

Aprope divin,

Aproape perfect,

Aproape pierdut...

Aproape e totul,

Aproape acolo,

Aproape de a trăi,

Dar atât de departe...

Aproapele e incomplet,

Eul este sfâșiat,

De imperfecțiunea noțiunii de aproape...

...Privind inert propria-mi decădere.

Oricât de aproape,

Nimic nu e mai rece,

Decât fărâma de distanță ce arde,

Aproapele ucide...

Mar 1, 2011

Jurnalul unui Diavol

Jurnalul unui diavol, pierdut in lume

Sau poate, jurnalul unui om fără de nume

Cartea e aceeași, slovele sunt scrise,

De triste intâmplări compromise…

Jurnalul unui diavol, cu litere de sânge

Banală poveste ce nici o inimă nu frânge,

Cartea e tristă, paginile-i compromise,

Minciuni sunt doar cuvintele nespuse

Jurnalul omului ce nopți nu mai are,

Are doar o lume lipsită de soare,

Maimuțe și marionete, plictisitoare poate,

Dramele banale, scuze de a uita de toate…

Jurnalul unui om fără de nume,

Cartea geme prea plină de cele ce sunt spuse,

Poate într-un final, cotoru-i se va rupe

Și va rămâne jurnalul unui diavol pierdut in cuvinte…

"Eu sunt Omul care voi râde în clipa supremă, în faţa neantului absolut, voi râde în agonia finală, în clipa ultimei tristeţi."

Emil Cioran: "Pe culmile Disperării"

Feb 28, 2011

Broken Mirror

I’ve seen you both the mirror,

Deities of Chaos and Death,

I’ve seen in the same mirror

That which lies beyond the horror.

I built the walls of forgetfulness

But soon I will need to build a door

The simple smiles suffice no more

Broken memories are to be replaced...

The oath of blood shall be no more

What once was sacred is an illusion,

Absolution comes delivered by sinners

And simple truths are told by liars.

I've seen thus myself in the broken mirror

The pieces fall in place together put in proper order,

Only for those that are not of this puzzle,

I know you well deities of Chaos and Death!

Feb 21, 2011



Aseară, m-am întins în pat,

Gândindu-mă la tine,

Visând abisul,

Visând lumina.

Uşor, visurile s-au stins,

Căci m-am gândit la tine,

Coşmarul meu reînoit,

Iar sufletul te căuta mut.

Paşii grei din nou îi aud,

Iar lumea-mi pare făurită în lut,

Eşti prea aproape, prea departe poate,

Sau poate doar o viaţă ne desparte…

Fug iar acum,

Iar mâine, voi râde poate,

Pierdut în tine,

La răsărit, visul se stinge.

În oglindă văd,

Pe chipul meu

O rană

Şi mă gândesc la tine…

Serpent's Kiss

The serpent’s kiss,

The sweetest smile,

The words from hell,

Rules that no longer apply.

Snakes that crawl inside your dreams

Twisted coils around your soul,

The serpents soothe your wasting pain

With sweet venom, carving its way towards your brain

And then you dream,

The dreams of death,

The dreams of heaven,

Sweet dreams of hell

The serpent lies: your life just like a carnival,

Caress the serpent, enjoy the ride,

In the end the serpent leaves,

You are left cold and all alone.

In the stray days that await ahead,

The serpent waits, patiently, in the shadows,

To wrap his cold flesh around your dreams,

Enjoy his cold grasp, as your soul he devours…

May hellhounds come, my flesh to pieces shred,

Quench my thirst with holy hellfire,

My body drowned in the light of dawn,

For all eternities I crave the serpent’s kiss and sweetest smile…

"And if I would dare to tell the truth

Nothing would stay the same"

Feb 18, 2011


The man had a dream, covered in snakes,

The wolves where approaching, and as he woke,

A thought emerged from his nightmare,

A thought like no other: the world will die…

See a thousand devils rise,

From deep within and all around,

They’ll go to sleep, but only after,

Your lifeless body will hit the floor…

Tear down the walls,

Smash them down,

The frail veil of perception

Dragged across your eyes

Claw your way out from ignorance

I despise your very nature, human

Frail beyond all reason and intellect,

Forfeit your right to live and kill

God is war and god is pain

Godisnowhere drinking from your vein,

Worship a name without a face,

A lump of wood splashed with a mug of paint.

You claim that I devour your soul

Then I ask of you, what could you know?

Pointless delusion, you lack the right to exist,

From the abyss you came from, back to it crawl!

Feb 7, 2011

Venom of the Fallen

I am the blood that flows

I am the nightmare of the world,

Draining away each drop

Of beauty’s essence before I fall

Drunk on all your lies,

Drunk is the lord of flies,

Absinthe poured into my glass,

Mixed with tears of the spirit that dies…

Drop by drop, I crave to fall,

Step by step I built the wall,

The feelings gone, the mind at rest,

The god waiting for his test...

Sleeping awake each night, a drop more,

Dreaming of the worlds forgotten by the sunshine,

The venom works its way around my soul,

Rotting just a little more everything once held sacred.

Feb 6, 2011


Whispers from the realm of the dead

The ride to hell, a whole different story

The nightmares rise and fall,

One is bound to haunt your mind forever

One whisper crawls beneath your skin

The reaper always closing in,

The time to answer for all sins,

The way you lose your mind in darkness…

The smile of the fallen, always reminding,

Of simple pleasures, and guilty thoughts,

Chronicles of delusion, are written in your name,

Forever knowing your deep dark guilt.

To be born, or to die, alone, you see

The curse inflicted upon mankind,

Simple rays of light that warm nothing,

The sun of winter forever leaves me cold…

Feb 3, 2011


Deadly whispers of the days to come,

Mute reminders, of unseen strings,

The strings that bind us,

Shall bind us forever in our curse…

The nightmares haunt us, grow stronger,

For our blood and tears, feeds their hunger.

The lesser man weeps before his gods,

The stronger man subdues them…

Absolution is a point of view

Carry your burdens proudly,

Weep not for those that harm you

Weep not even for yourself

Kneel before the image of pain,

Weakened by the course of fate,

The deeds of death are in fact deeds of life,

Waiting, to be reborn cleaner than before.

Sin or Absolution

Death or Birth

Light or Darkness

The same to Me…

Feb 1, 2011


Fallen ashes upon your grave,

Try not to see the reason,

The weeping angels are here,

To cast your soul away

There is no higher meaning,

All your prayers are used and useless,

One thing must you remember,

The curse you inflicted comes back to haunt you…

Pure and simple pleasure,

Your blood, the wine, sweeter, still,

Deep from the corners of your mind,

A face emerges, is it mine? You never knew me

The traces of humanity simply fade away,

If you remember the deadly nectar,

I know the way you feel, I might,

Not care beloved, if you stare…

I might believe and kneel, alone before your image

I might burn all of you tonight, piece by piece,

Moment by moment, I care not if I die,

How can you, poor mortal, dare to understand?

Circle of fate, life and death alike

Perfectly balanced symmetry,

I wish not for retribution,

I care not about others’ damned souls…

I only care about their demise...