Feb 1, 2011


Fallen ashes upon your grave,

Try not to see the reason,

The weeping angels are here,

To cast your soul away

There is no higher meaning,

All your prayers are used and useless,

One thing must you remember,

The curse you inflicted comes back to haunt you…

Pure and simple pleasure,

Your blood, the wine, sweeter, still,

Deep from the corners of your mind,

A face emerges, is it mine? You never knew me

The traces of humanity simply fade away,

If you remember the deadly nectar,

I know the way you feel, I might,

Not care beloved, if you stare…

I might believe and kneel, alone before your image

I might burn all of you tonight, piece by piece,

Moment by moment, I care not if I die,

How can you, poor mortal, dare to understand?

Circle of fate, life and death alike

Perfectly balanced symmetry,

I wish not for retribution,

I care not about others’ damned souls…

I only care about their demise...

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