Mar 31, 2011

The Madman's Peace

After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The displaced thoughts of a madman

Are curling and twisting and screaming

Without purpose or meaning

Always the silence-so deafening…

The last temptation of a dying god,

The last words of incoherence

Spoken in a nightmare,

Just before the cruel awakening…

Sicker now than ever been,

Further than I ever been,

I cast away all lost reality,

To subdue a world is always easy…

Betray me, please, but only if you’ll find your peace...

Smile now, perhaps you’ll cry,

Please forgive me when I lie

For when I lied, I lied in pieces,

Knowing now, there’s no release…

Mar 23, 2011


Prey be humble,
Pray be dead,
Prey’s the child
When in his bed;

Prey, be stubborn,
Pray to live,
Carve your name upon a stone
Pray not to lose what’s yours to give

Prey, be ashes,
Else be cold,
Pray your soul
Not to be sold.

Prey, be careful,
Not to lean,
Against a whisper
Flawed within…

Prey, be shameful,
Pray to sin,
Prey be fallen
Pray to me…

Mar 17, 2011

Remember Nothing...

The moon is hanging in the balance,

The one, the man, was lost a while ago,

The leaves are falling; it’s time to leave,

Forget it all, the beast is dying, but who’s to blame?

I can’t forgive, forget is not my nature,



Bleed for the last night!

I beg you, die,

I carve your name into oblivion,

I spare not pleasant memories,

And all shall be forgotten…

There was a full moon,

One night,

I begged, but that shall be no more,

I cried, but not a soul remembers…

One story meant to be buried,

One story cast into oblivion,

The same story is never to be told,

Another story, never to be sold…

The matter, a prison, the one I loathe,

My soul screams for freedom,

Myself to cast into forevermore...

Forgive, forget… me not…

Mar 12, 2011

The Reign Of Ashes

Meet darkness with darkness,

Surrounding you, death,

Nobody knew,

Nobody cared…

The smile is gone,

The nightmares

Always, closing in,

Clawing, fiends inside my brain,

Nobody knows,

Nobody cares…

Seek the fire,

Drown with ashes,

The prophet bled

Before the lashes,

The madman knows

What’s to be done…

To save a dying world from harm,

The sick alone can heal,

Down is up,

And Black is White…

The thieves are giving from themselves,

The killers shall give birth,

The new dimension, overwhelming,

Seek not another answer,

Salvation through Sin,

None shall know,

None shall care…

Mar 9, 2011

One With The Night

The voice is fading

The venom’s whispers are gone,

Your screaming night has come

Worry not, you won’t live forever…

Crying and screaming you’ll pray,

Screaming my name, I want to hear you beg

To forgive your sins,

But I won’t allow you back in heaven.

Hear Death’s whisper in the wind,

Smell its subtle fragrance,

Reach for the tear that’s dry,

Trying to remember a story meant eternal...

The place where my road started,

The smile that ended the struggle,

Angels are falling anyway,

My sin alone does pay…

Mar 8, 2011


Aproape e nimic,

Aprope divin,

Aproape perfect,

Aproape pierdut...

Aproape e totul,

Aproape acolo,

Aproape de a trăi,

Dar atât de departe...

Aproapele e incomplet,

Eul este sfâșiat,

De imperfecțiunea noțiunii de aproape...

...Privind inert propria-mi decădere.

Oricât de aproape,

Nimic nu e mai rece,

Decât fărâma de distanță ce arde,

Aproapele ucide...

Mar 1, 2011

Jurnalul unui Diavol

Jurnalul unui diavol, pierdut in lume

Sau poate, jurnalul unui om fără de nume

Cartea e aceeași, slovele sunt scrise,

De triste intâmplări compromise…

Jurnalul unui diavol, cu litere de sânge

Banală poveste ce nici o inimă nu frânge,

Cartea e tristă, paginile-i compromise,

Minciuni sunt doar cuvintele nespuse

Jurnalul omului ce nopți nu mai are,

Are doar o lume lipsită de soare,

Maimuțe și marionete, plictisitoare poate,

Dramele banale, scuze de a uita de toate…

Jurnalul unui om fără de nume,

Cartea geme prea plină de cele ce sunt spuse,

Poate într-un final, cotoru-i se va rupe

Și va rămâne jurnalul unui diavol pierdut in cuvinte…

"Eu sunt Omul care voi râde în clipa supremă, în faţa neantului absolut, voi râde în agonia finală, în clipa ultimei tristeţi."

Emil Cioran: "Pe culmile Disperării"