Sep 13, 2010

Smell of Decay

Dead like no other

Broken thoughts that shiver

In the cold dark light

Of the final sunset

Shift all your sins on me

Pray for one chance at redemption

Find another scapegoat

Wish I could see the truth

Perception shifts all meaning

Dark is now what once was light,

Horror lies in sweetest dreams,

Bitter now and filled with screams.

No words

No way back

No place to go

Nothing left

To do or know

No prayers that could save

Just another damned soul

All dressed in black

And waiting for the fall

You think a bit of hope

Could ever lengthen your silly silver rope

Think about all the blood that stains your robe

I care not for all lies and sins and murders,

Decaying thoughts, and smiles and letters,

Fading pictures and all life's pleasures...

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