Sep 8, 2010


The only thing left in your moment

Is the moment that is yet to come,

Fading away with each day,

A journey begins with the very first step,

And like all things, life comes to an end,

But contrary to all belief, we die with each breath,

Cursed to fade away since the day we where born,

The lines of our lives are meant to be thorn.

Some are sooner, some are later,

Some are sweeter and some are bitter…

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

For all I love and all I lust,

Is burning like fire the soul that is lost,

Somewhere around,

Giving its last breath in a pile of dust,

And all the blood I spilled, turned to rust…

September’s prey, gone just like a dream,

The kind of dream that ends with a scream,

Be it pleasure, be it pain, the meaning’s gone,

And all the scars will scream: “INSANE!!!”

Perhaps a smile I choose to wear,

Perhaps I lie, but I swear,

The summer wine went dry,

And all the wounds shall heal with poison...

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