Jan 30, 2011


There is a devil in me, I know him well

The angel on my shoulder weeps on and on,

The fate that lies ahead of me, fights to remain unknown,

The Darkness I left behind me is all too far away…

Perhaps I’m in the same place like yesterday…

But is it the same place in the grand scheme of things?

You can only be in a place one time and one alone

There is no returning, no taking back the deeds that are done…

For a tortured spirit, to become a demon,

There is but one step, releasing himself thus from the pain of flesh,

The joys of the past and the final hope for the future,

Embracing hate and lust for all that lasts forever…

Destroy what you love, for never you shall find it

All could be so very clear, hide behind the mask,

Weep for what you shall become,

Let your very essence go, then live forever to regret it…

Reality is distorted, reality is disorder

Perception is madness, memories are chaos,

Life is what we dread and what we hope,

Madness thus becomes the purest form of reason…

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