Jan 8, 2011

Graven Image

II,27: There is great danger in Me; for who does not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason.
Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law

Crawl between your own thoughts,

The worms shall bathe you in their sins,

Whispered words from a graven image:

“Salvation faded from your grasp…”

The dust of past beliefs,

Is to be laid on our graves,

The angels are to perish,

As I close my eyes and make my wish…

Storms and thorns of yesterday,

The blood that floods the past,

The tears from that future nightmare,

All shall fade like it never was…

Prepare your bed for eternal rest,

Perhaps you’ll dream, perhaps you’ll scream,

But after all the deeds of death are done,

You’ll close your eyes in shame…

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