Jan 28, 2011

Wandering Spirit

Broken, lies the soul

Into the pit of oblivion,

The nightmares may begin,

Cast by the final kiss…

Empowering words simply disappear,

Beneath the burden of lost future worlds,

The skies are falling, never ending nights,

Ruled by the demons in the pit…

Somewhere, somehow, somebody died,

Greatest news for the weakened in heart and mind,

Don’t be afraid, don’t try to reconsider,

Somewhere, somehow, die we must all…

I miss the times back when the rain didn’t mattered,

The lack of perspective keeps being intriguing,

The mask shall vanish once again,

Underneath it the new face shall be the mask itself

Beyond the last words spoken,

Reminders of a curse never forgotten

There are no spells, no souls that can unbind it,

The angels and demons weep before its magnificence…

For the final time, behold the sun,

Lose your mind gazing at the moon, through the dead trees,

Drown the very essence of this world with your tears,

Rejoice at last, young mortal, the time to know shall come…

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